8th Grade Dance

Dear 8th grade students and parents-


The annual 8th Grade Dance will be held on Friday, May 20 from 6:30-9pm and plans are underway to make it a phenomenal and memorable event. The dance will be held in the CMS gym with light snacks in the cafeteria. We will not be serving dinner so please be sure and feed your students before they come. Some of the highlights of the dance will include a DJ from Atlanta Fever, photo stations, game courts and strolling entertainers.


The majority of the expenses for the dance need to be paid prior to the event, so we are offering an early bird discounted ticket price. Payments in the form of cash or check can be turned into the front office. No payments will be accepted after Wednesday, May 18th, 2016, 4:30pm, nor will payments be accepted at the event.


Paid By Date                                       Ticket Price

4/15/16                                                            $25

5/18/16                                                            $30


Details to keep in mind:


1.      A detailed dress code as well as behavior expectations is attached. Attire will be checked by CMS administration prior to entering the event.

2.      The ticket price is all-inclusive. No additional money is needed.

3.      We will be offering a “coat” check area for sports jackets and shoes. No valuables will be accepted at coat check.

4.      Drop-off will be from 6:30-7pm and pick-up will be promptly at 9pm. You do not need to check your student in personally, however, they MUST have a signed permission slip on file by May 18th or they will be turned away.

5.      No paperwork or payment will be accepted at the entrance.

6.      Students are not allowed to walk home by themselves and must be picked up by a parent or carpool.


Finally, if you would like to volunteer to be a part of our team, please contact Kristine Herring (klherring71@gmail.com) or Becky Bourne (bbourne33@aol.com). All volunteers must be certified by Fulton County School before they can volunteer in the school. http://www.fultoncountyschoolssafetysecurity.org/


Thank you so much for your support. It’s going to be a great night!




The 8th Grade Dance Committee


Kristine Herring

Becky Bourne

Caren McAleer

Miriam Dolson

8th Grade Dance

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Dance Attire


·         Girls: An age-appropriate party dress is suitable. NO strapless, NO backless, NO revealing neck-lines, NO short dresses (3” above the knee) and long dresses must not touch the floor. Girls MUST have a wrap, shrug or jacket on at all times if spaghetti strap styles are worn. A wrap must be secured in a manner that will allow for it to cover the shoulders and stay in place throughout the dance. Formal attire is not appropriate. Flat soled or wedge shoes are suggested. We recommend you not bring a purse, but if necessary, wear the cross body style that you can keep with you.


·         Boys: NO shorts or t-shirts, NO sandals, and NO tuxes. Polo style collar or dress shirt with slacks are appropriate. Jacket and tie are also appropriate, but optional.


·         Any student who is not appropriately dressed will not be allowed to enter. School administrators will make the final decision in regards to the appropriateness of dress.


Behavior Expectations and Regulations


·       The dance starts at 6:30pm. Any student arriving after 7pm must have a parent walk him/her into the building for check-in with an administrator.  


·       Students must check-in immediately with a teacher or administrator in front of the building before entering. No inappropriate objects are allowed. This would include any object considered a weapon under Fulton County School Policy.


·       The dance ends PROMPTLY at 9pm. Students will be dismissed through the front of the building and must be picked up in front of CMS by their parents NO LATER than 9pm. No student will be allowed to walk home!  Traffic during the pick-up time is heavy; safety is our main concern. Please be patient and considerate during the pickup-process. Carpooling is recommended and encouraged.


·       Students must attend school and stay the entire day on May 20th. No early checkouts will be allowed, unless accompanied by a signed medical excuse. Students who checked out for a medical reason must present a doctor’s note at the dance.


·        Any student who is assigned in-school or out-of-school suspension on May 20th will NOT be allowed to attend the dance.


·       Students must stay in designated areas. These areas include the gym, cafeteria, the hall and the restroom. No students will be allowed outside the designated areas.


·       Limousines/party buses are not allowed.


·       No student is allowed to leave the dance early, unless his/her parent(s) comes into the building and checks the student out through an administrator.


·       Students are expected to behave in a manner that is in accordance with school protocols. Dance movements/gestures that are considered lewd, obscene, or indecent are strictly prohibited. Violators will be removed from the dance immediately. School administrators will make the final decision in regards to the appropriateness of dance.


·      ALL FULTON COUNTY AND SCHOOL rules will be in effect. Violations will result in disciplinary action and involvement of law enforcement if necessary.


Students must have a signed permission slip on file by May 18th in order to attend the dance. No student will be admitted without having returned the attached form.


Please keep this page for reference. Return the attached permission slip.

Parent letter and permission slip.docx
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