Fulton County Schools Volunteer Information

We Love our School Volunteers!

We are so excited to have you at Crabapple this year!


Fulton County Schools recently introduced the Raptor system which streamlines the volunteer registration process while enhancing the student and school protection elements.  Before volunteering at Crabapple for the first time in 2017-2018: 


1.  Visit  School Safety where you will be guided through a registration process and take a mandatory child abuse virtual training.  (see clip below)  This will take less than 10 minutes and you will need to have your driver’s license and Make/Model/Plate # of any car you may park at the school.  This process will take care of volunteering activities for other schools you volunteer at in Fulton County.

2.  You will receive a confirmation email after completing the process.

3.  Upon visiting the school(s) for the first time as a volunteer this year, you will present your ID for scanning and printing of a name badge.

4.  Each time you volunteer after that you can simply log in at the office/volunteer Raptor on site computer!

We look forward to you sharing your talents and time with our school.


Register to Volunteer


How do I register to become a volunteer?


1. Complete the Mandatory Child Abuse Virtual Training.


2. Complete the volunteer information form.


3. Wait for an confirmation email from Raptor.


4. Visit the school and begin volunteering.


Helpful Tips:


1. Enter your full name as it appears on your state-issued ID.


2. Take your ID to the school each time you visit the school.


Crabapple Middle School

10700 Crabapple Rd.
Roswell, GA 30075

Phone: (770) 552-4520
Fax: (770) 552-4524

Contact PTA at: cms.pta.presidents@gmail.com


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